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We would like to thank everyone for their feedback. We always welcome your comments and suggestions which you can email, mail or fax to us.

" I am a Naturopath in Brisbane where I have my clinic, but I also have an online business called Eat Play Sleep.  Your baby wipes are by far the best on the market - not just because they are biodegradable but because they work the best! "

Kirsten Gray (naturopath)

"Can I just say, this is one of the best products I have used in a long time.  I couldn't believe how soft the towelettes were!  And not to mention how great they smelt and what a great job they did of getting off a day's worth of TV make-up!  The other facial wipes I've used - mainly L'Oreal and Nivea - are nowhere near as soft on my skin as these are.  They were also packed with plenty of moisture which was fantastic!" 

Emma Freedman (t.v presenter)

"Constant travelling makes Wotnot facial wipes a perfect staple in my bag.  I have sensitive skin so being all natural is very important to me."

Jodhi Meares (fashion designer and t.v presenter)

"I love using Wotnots when working because everything is clean in seconds, and there is not a dry feeling on the skin after using them. The women I work with have commented they really like the soft feeling they are left with and that wotnots don't have the usual alcohol smell. It is always good to find a product that is environmentally sound, I love using them.”

Chris King (celebrity make-up artist)

"WOTNOT sunscreen is the best I've ever used!!!”

Tracey Spicer (Sky News presenter)

"After working in the beauty/make-up industry for over 15 years you can really tell the great products.  Wotnot facial wipes are definitely a staple in my make-up kit.  I can use these on all my celebrity and model clients, even if they have sensitive skin.  Wotnot facial wipes are a fantastic natural product and I can't believe they have not been out sooner in the marketplace".

Leiane Taylor (make-up artist)

"Loved the wotnot wipes, they have been an absolute Godsend this week when I've been rushing between jobs and needing a fast switch of make-up.  They really are super efficient at removing many inches of camera make-up and they don't irritate at all - no residue left on the skin which is brilliant!"

Erika Heynatz (singer, model and t.v presenter)

"Just wanted to let you know that I love your products!  I usually buy the baby wipes and also recently bought the sunscreen and it's fantastic!  Your corporate morals are very much inline with how I feel and I appreciate your approach to business! Keep it up!   I also use the Moltex nappies along with cloth nappies and I LOVE them. "

L. Moulden

"I am extremely pleased with the Moltex nappies. I have been using them for a year and find them as reliable as mainstream nappy brands. My son suffers from eczema and they have not aggravated his skin at all. I have never had to use nappy rash cream and they last all through the night. "

C. Azzopardi

"Thanks for offering such a great environment product!"

K. Booth

"Keep up the good work.  Love your product - wish it was available in supermarkets."

M. Deacon

"Definitely the best nappies! And the only ones I use!"

T. Shepherd

"Your product is fantastic - what a relief to have an environmentally friendly alternative!"

M. Henry-Davies

"I was recommended to Ecodirect by a good friend.  I love everything it stands for and doing our ecological bit - particularly when it comes to using disposable nappies.  So, needless to say we were thrilled to be introduced.  THEN....I saw the other products they have... I am now a regular user of WOTNOT sunscreen - our whole family uses it.  I love the coverage it gives, it is easy to apply (the kids even use it willingly themselves) and I feel that it gives us good protection (as it appears to have a high zinc content, which you can see with the coverage it provides)."

L. Vezgoff

" Today I received my 5 moltex nappy samples for my 2 year old son. He has been in disposables since birth when he started walking he would try and take them off any chance he would get he has very sensitive skin we have tried lots of nappies. As soon as I put a moltex nappy on I have had no problems with him trying to pull the nappy off. So today I got on the phone and ordered a box for my 6 months old and my 2 year old. A fantastic nappy I will be using from now on. Looking forward to trying the Wot Not products."

C. Chamberlain

"It has been very satisfying using your Moltex eco nappies, as it has greatly alleviated my guilt about using disposable nappies & the associated damage to the environment.  They are extremely well made &, unlike some of the major brands found in supermarkets, I have never had one leak or the tabs fall off."

C. Currie

"Hi could you please tell me where I can get Moltex nappies in Melbourne.  I've used the nappies since my bub was 2 months and they are a fantastic product, not just for the environment, but also for my bub.  Using more commercial nappies my bub suffered from nappy rash and red marks from the tabs, with Moltex this is simply not a problem.  They are just as, if not more absorbent, and worth every bit of the few extra cents a nappy they cost.  I'm a stay at home mum now after having a hectic career as an actor [Dr Zoe,Blue Heelers,Channel Seven]"

K. Davitt

"I just wanted to email you and say thank you for the nappy sample.   I have used it on my baby boy and was very very impressed (it actually held up better for the night than any other brand of nappy I have used on him)   He usually wakes up soaked right through but the night I used your nappy he was fine!   Once again thank you for allowing me to try your nappy and I will definitely be looking at purchasing your nappy from now on.   Not only a great nappy performance-wise, but also great for the environment. Keep up the good work."

E. Yaqoub

"...wanted to let you know I love Moltex nappies, I would never use anything else, you can't smell anything from a wet nappy. All the wet ones I put in a bucket of water to swell them up, I then cut them to get all the lining out and I put them around all my pot plants and around the plants in the garden like you would use a mulch, works really well in Queensland drought"

T. Arko

"Our 1 year old daughter recently recovered from gastroenteritis caused by a simultaneous bout of Salmonella and Rotovirus. We were very concerned by the nappy rash she was suffering (lots of bleeding), with attendant risk of infection. In the middle of it all, we ran out of Moltex nappies and bought another commercial brand; her rash got worse and we immediately put her in her brother's Moltex nappies whereupon things markedly improved. We feel that the unbleached, unperfumed Moltex nappies were a big help when her skin was hypersensitive."

C. Archer

"Thanks for the nappies, they are working really well. I have only had one leakage after one week which was due to my daughter drinking copious amounts of water in a short period of time which I don't think any nappy could have controlled!!! I actually think they smell less like wee when full than the leading brands. I have another bub due in September so I will definitely give the small ones a try."

F. Carter

"It is always nice to know if a product is working well, and so I would like to let you know that the Moltex disposable nappies that I ordered recently are excellent!

I had used a "leading brand" with my newborn, but he soon started to leak, and so I thought I would try a different brand. I found your website, ordered a sample nappy, found it to be ideal for my son and also for the environment, and so I am placing another order.

Yes I know that your nappies are more expensive than the "leading brand", but my son has had NO nappy rash, and I am more than happy to pay a bit extra for something friendlier to the environment in the long term. I also ordered the degradable nappy disposal bags, and will continue to order them."

A. Cook